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This page has links to the LIFE Leadership sites of Brad and Barb Heathman.

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  • LIFE – Get LIFE changing information each month. A book and four audios each month that covers eight areas of life: Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Following (leadership), Freedom, Friends and Fun.
  • Leading a Leadership Revolution – Get information to develop leaders in your business. Each course is six months long. Each month is a book and audios. Tests are available.
  • All Grace Outreach – Deepen your faith with this monthly subscription. This low-cost subscription includes one book and audio each month. All profits go to All Grace Outreach. Over 95% of the money reaches the people served around the world.
  • FREEDOM – Deepen your understanding of freedom, what it is, how it is lost and how it to maintain it.
  • EDGE – Character based material designed for preteens and early twenties.
  • Financial Fitness – Learn the 47 principles of defense, offense and the playing field of money and finances.
  • LIFE Live – Associate with positive growing successful leaders of the LIFE Leadership business.
  • LIFE Library – Access audio and video LIFE leadership material.
  • Rascal Radio – Access LIFE changing audio streams.